Ballroom Dance Shoes


Have you had it with expensive ballroom dance shoes? Doesn’t it always seem like the more targeted the item, the higher the price tag?

Forget about buying from the old, same old expensive ballroom dance shoe store and get ready to fall in love with these swinging turquoise shoes.

Turquoise sandals will bring fresh new ideas to your feet and your pocketbook. One of our dance clients, Ginger said these turquoise dress shoes work so well for her because they are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. She can dance all night!

Turquoise Sandals are Eco-Friendly, too

There were other things Ginger loves about the turquoise satin sandals besides the fabulous color.

No animals were maimed or killed in order for you to put your best foot forward.

Secondly, this is a solution that will also save you money. Not only are the turquoise ballroom dance shoes eco-friendly shoes for women, they are easy on the pocketbook. Imagine that, easy on the environment, easy on the pocketbook, and easy to fall in love with.

The turquoise color is a topaz color or a Caribbean blue color—which looks wonderful on all skin tones. And it really adds pizzazz to your feet and your ensemble.

Ginger also said the heel height, which is a medium heel, was perfect. It gives her some lift, yet is easy to do her dance steps without being off-balance.

What does this mean for you?

Putting your best foot forward or backwards for that matter on the ballroom dance floor with stunning head turning fashion—like these gorgeous turquoise satin sandals with crystal rhinestones on the satin straps of the sandal.

Footnote: Ginger also said the shoes are secure on her feet when she is dancing, so you can be secure in your twirls, dips, and swings.

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