Wear Red Lipstick The Only Way

Of all the shades of lipstick available in the world today, the color red is definitely the most dramatic and attention grabbing. Endorsed by celebrities all around the world, this particular hue is a constant classic and serves as a fast pick-me-up for any pair of pouters. However, for best results, one should learn to use it right and here we tell you how to do precisely that.

If you’re wearing red lipstick, the first thing that you need to do is play down your features. If you don’t want to look like a clown, it is important that you don’t overdo other features. Keep your eye makeup and the blush light. This can help your red lipstick stand out. If you are working up all the features, you will not be able to divert the attention to your lips.

All would surely agree that employing a red lipstick ensures that it is the lips which catch the attention of all. So if you plan to employ a red lipstick you would like to prepare your lips for the same formerly. Begin by diluting some sugar in the water. Use this solution for rubbing your lips. As you massage your lips with this sugary solution all the dead skin cells as present on your lips has a bent to get sloughed away. Now apply a thick layer of the Vaseline or lip balm on to your lips. When applying Vaseline, double check that your lips are wet. It has been observed that wet lips have a tendency to soak up the moisture more effectively. Now take a tissue paper and place it against your lips and then press it firmly. This can help you remove the unwished-for moisture off the lips.

After you are done with moisturizing you lips, its time to apply the red lipstick. Applying a red lipstick doesn’t suggest you can pick any shade of red and dab it on to your lips. The red lipstick comes in numerous shades of red. However, this does not imply that any shade of red can look great on you. It is essential that you go in for the one which goes well with your skin tone perfectly. You can opt for the dark and deep shades of red if you are in possession of extremely fair and rosy complexion. In case you’ve more of a wheatish complexion, it would make sense to switch to the warm red shades. Still if you’re unable to get the right shade of red suiting your skin tone, it is recommended to go in for the different shades of red and blend them together. Mixing them together can simply give the tint of red that you are looking for.

Before applying the lipstick, remember to line your lips with a good lip liner. However, you should refrain from lining the lips from the outside as a lip liner needs to be used on the inside of the lip. This prevents your lipstick from ‘bleeding’. Once you have applied the liner, employ a brush to slather on the lipstick and then utilize a tissue to wipe of any excess color.

While a red lipstick can make you look good when utilised the right way; with the wrong application it can make you look fully ludicrous. So practice moderation and stick to the above given systems of choosing and applying red lipstick and you will find yourself looking your sexiest best.

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