Shoe Size Conversion



footnotePlease feel free to use the discount women’s shoe size conversion chart for Europe, Mexico, Japan, UK, Australia, US, Canada, Russian, Ukraine, Korea, and also in inches, centimeters, and mondopoint as a guide. You can use the women’s shoe size conversion chart to convert shoe sizes from one country/region to a ‘close’ shoe size in another country/region.

This will get you close to the size you need, BUT all shoe sizes vary from high heel to high heel. For instance, Dawn wears shoe sizes ranging from a 6.5 US size to an 8 US size, usually a 7.5 works. We, at do our best to assist you in getting the best size for you and will let you know if the shoe runs big or small.

We will assist you in getting the best fit possible. If you have a question on your shoe size, please measure your foot—from your heel to the end of your longest toe. Also, when you send the measurements, let us know if it is centimeters, millimeters or inches. The friendly staff at will then pull the sandal from the shelf and measure the ‘inside’ of the women’s shoe you are interested in purchasing.
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